SWEPCO - Emergency request - Tuesday and Wednesday, July 14-15

This doesn't really fit in any of the O&G categories but SWEPCO is requesting all its Louisiana customers to limit the use of electricity as much as possible today and tomorrow - they're saying there is a very real chance of brownouts because of the unusual demand.

If the situation worsens, they're also saying they may have to shutdown electricity to different areas for possibly 2-hour periods.

Right now the request is to raise A/C thermostats and be particularly conscious of extra lights being on, limit dryer use, etc.

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That is horrible. Our next thread should be about the insurance companies and their total disregard for their clients.
Sorry, but that shouldn't be an insurance claim. That is a design flaw and was not caused by an accident or anything else written into your insurance policy. The house didn't flood, it wasn't hit by fire, or a boulder. It was designed very poorly.

Insurance was originally designed to cover catastrophes. If I built my house with sugarpane windows and it rained and washed them out, should I get to claim that on my insurance? Or if I built an igloo here in Texas and it melted, is that a covered calamity?

Maybe we should nationalize house insurance. That would work! We already have government flood insurance, but this would be better. We could force everyone to have it, we could control it, we could standardize all the building codes (whoops, Bobamma already did that with Crap and Tax and Trade). Make a new Czar position.

The beef this couple had was with their architect and the licensing/permitting group who gave them the design and approval to build.
I can't disagree with anything you said. I think it is awful that an elderly couple had to endure the loss of their health and their home. Having said that, I have heard of more insurance companies NOT paying legitimate claims or causing people to have to sell their souls for legal counsel to get a claim paid.
Mmmarkkk - Would there be coverage in that national house insurance plan for damage caused by barbeque grills exploding because the owner wanted volatility so ignited said grill with gasoline? ha, ha, ha

No, undoubtedly no. Mr. Cathaus untentionally tried that one!
Good one sesport!!! Keep me on my toes!!!

I'll put on my Bobomma shirt today and answer: "Oh my yes. We must protect people from themselves and the outcomes!!!"

Oh, heck, I can't do BoBomma with a straight face. I'd have to have a lobotomy to mimick that guy's logic!

Its friday, folks! Have a great weekend and burn a lot of nat gas!! We've got a gas glut and have to burn it off!!!!!
That is a design flaw and was not caused by an accident or anything else written into your insurance policy.

Actually, yes, it should be covered by the insurance policy. If the house collapses due to a bad design, homeowners insurance covers costs and liability. If you have a car accident due to a mistake or stupidity on the part of the policy owner, it's covered. If your car has a design flaw and the brakes fail, causing an accident, your auto insurance covers it.

Let's all move to Coober Pedy, Australia, forget the Haynesville Shale and be opal dealers! Coober Pedy is a whole underground town, and the "homes" range from tiny spaces to mega-mansions...entirely underground. The underground dwellings stay a very comfortable temperature but outside it's unbearably hot.

I am woefully claustrophobic; I almost had a panic attack trying to tour a submarine so it really wouldn't do for me to live underground. I'll probably have a panic attack if our electricity goes off so, ideally, I'd like to strike a happy median and spend my summers somewhere in the Rocky Mountains.
Hi, I'm Cathaus and I live in the underground city of Coober Pedy! There's just something wrong about naming a city Coober. Sounds like one of Gomer Pyle's cousins!! I bet the school mascot is the koala. They sound fierce, don't they?
Shut down the casinos for a week.
How about wal-mart.
Not Walmart. LOL! O.K., I'll give you Walmart if we can keep Target open?


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