SWEPCO - Emergency request - Tuesday and Wednesday, July 14-15

This doesn't really fit in any of the O&G categories but SWEPCO is requesting all its Louisiana customers to limit the use of electricity as much as possible today and tomorrow - they're saying there is a very real chance of brownouts because of the unusual demand.

If the situation worsens, they're also saying they may have to shutdown electricity to different areas for possibly 2-hour periods.

Right now the request is to raise A/C thermostats and be particularly conscious of extra lights being on, limit dryer use, etc.

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Funny Mac. We lost power in Blanchard at 8 last night. The lights all came back on at 7 this morning. Talk about a wake up call. We were so thrilled over the liquid falling from the sky that we forgot to turn all of the lights off before calling it a warm night. The rain was very welcomed and I hope that you all got your fair share of it. Thank you Lord for the cooling showers.


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