O.K. Newbie here so cut me some slack if I screw this up. I just noticed there's no discussion group for my parish and communication among our residents is sketchy and patchy at best because we are VERY new to the oil play, so we don't have any collective wisdom here. Any comments, insights, or even heresay welcome here. What I have to contribute is just information on lease rates and the areas they are concentrating in right now. (Averaging $150 for first three, varying for next two. From 1/6 to 1/5 royalties.) Devon is about a month into drilling it's first Tangipahoa well just a little north of me in Fluker, Louisiana. I have friends who are part of the unit but they are not hearing much of anything. Security at the site is TIGHT with our local sheriff's office maintaining 24 hour presence a couple of hundred yards from the rig itself. They ask you your business and write it all down. I think it's called a "tight hole" or something like that. They are also going to be buying all the pond water nearby. I don't know how much they are paying but will ask around.I have heard that our state is limiting the drilling of wells for water but I'm not sure of that. It was just hearsay from a friend. Well that's it for now.This is a great site. I've learned tons here. Amelia Resources has been a great help as well. Keep up the good work people.

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I have been encouraging Keith to post a primer on following site activity.  Some of these questions/problems would likely be covered.  Here's my quick tips.  When you join a group you get email notification when someone posts a new discussion.  If you make a reply in that discussion you will receive an email alerting you to subsequent replies in the thread.  It you don't wish to reply but want to follow the thread, click Follow.  You don't have to go looking for the replies, you get a link to them in an email.  Recent Activity rotates too often to be of great use.  Groups go to the top of that short list when someone joins so if you go looking for a reply you don't find one.  I haven't had the blank page problem.  Keith always appreciates feedback.  Send him a message when you notice a problem, I do.

Thanks Keith Mauck. I should've mentioned sooner that I was having that problem. I thought it was just me but am now seeing that others were also. Today, all went smoothly.


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