Tea Party - April 15th, 5 o'clock at Bossier Municipal Complex

Come one come all.

(Looks like the something got too hot for the boss...:-)

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You're getting absolutely nothing in return for your money? Are you serious? Do you drive on public roads, fly in planes (where air traffic is tightly controlled), flush your toilet (and have the contents empty into a sewer), walk the streets safely, have any kids who have ever gone to public school, ever used the court system, a public library, or bought food in a store without worrying whether it will poison you? Do you take any comfort in the fact that you have fire protection, military protection, that criminals are in prisons and not on the streets, or that you live in a city where some of the best PUBLICLY FUNDED biomedical research is taking place (which will benefit you and those you care about, in spite of you obviously not appreciating it)? Do you think all that stuff just appears out of nowhere, for free? Funding common needs, such as roads, courts, prisons, police and fire protection, sewers, military and boarder security, schools, air traffic and other shipping controls, research centers, canals, ports, food and building inspections, embassies and consulates, environmental protection, regulating large financial institutions, etc. are what separate us from the dessert nomads and jungle savages. It's the reason we are not a third world hell hole (yet). If you think you can live without all those things I just mentioned, take a short flight to almost any place south of our southern border (outside of resort complexes) and see how you would like living there.

Seriously, you tax whiners have got to be the most ungrateful, immature, selfish, and profoundly ignorant people that can exist in an industrialized society. You are exactly like teenagers who think they don't need their parents (or their parents rules) any more and can do it all on your own. Time to grow up. What a bunch of babies.
crawl back into your hole goofus, or go stand behind a farm, so that hot air will be good for something. HA HA
A well reasoned and thoughtful reply. For a right winger, that is.
one ?

who financed these TEA parties ??
acorn financed the bossier tea party, that's probably why you were there registering voters HA HA
That's a good question. I would bet, like all phony right wing 'grass roots' protests, these events are being staged and financed by the RNC and their wealthy beneficiaries. A pretty good indication of this comes from the fact that FOX fake news, the Republican PR network, is openly promoting these events on their fake news shows.

What a spectacle. A bunch of paranoid, willfully misinformed wing nuts out protesting government spending, after supporting the Bush administration's doubling of the national debt. Where was all this protest for the last 8 years? What's even more pathetic is the fact that we are not currently living under the Obama tax code. That hasn't even taken effect yet, and these loons are already screaming about how Obama is ruining their lives. When it does, 95% of us will not see our federal income taxes go up. Only those making over 250K/year, and they will only see theirs go up 3%, from the current 36% to 39%. As I've said before; Boo fricken hoo for them.

The current economic pain was caused by the very Republican politicians that the tea party protesters voted into office, not by Democrats, not by Obama's spending (which hasn't even started). How stupid can adults be?
john the only one that listen's to you is your wife jimalena krow
And you apparently.
I think you're putting us on, but speaking as a conservative (and retired mil btw): We have a lot of work to do to build bridges. Help out by making honest and fair (re)presentations.
TX and best
Let's ask that both sides give fair and honest (re)presentations.
MB, Who do you want to build bridges (to)?

she is a little bitty thing HA HA


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