As Royalty Owners, we face unique challenges to our mineral rights. Together we are stronger. In that spirit, we hope you will join the National Association of Royalty Owners at this year's national convention. There, we will provide the educational tools necessary to understand the value of your mineral assets and how you can advocate for your property rights. Along the way, we also aim to improve channels of communication between this nation’s mineral/royalty owners and their domestic oil and gas industry partners.

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An estimated 400–425 attendees will attend this year's convention. The crowd will include individual royalty owners, bank trust officers, institutional royalty trust managers, landmen, attorneys, CPAs, ranchers, oil and gas production professionals, professional mineral managers and investors from all over the U.S.will join us.

There will also be ample opportunity to network and caucus with fellow mineral owners from your state. Please consider joining us!

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