Has anyone signed on with Twin Cities? If so have youheardfrothem lately or received any money from them since lat year 2008? I didn't join in any neighborhood associaions or anything, my husband was in the hospital during the time when I was rceiving information about the upcoming meetings and wasn't able to attend any of these meetings. Well my husband passed away June 2008, and afterwards I receivd another letter about another upcoming meeting being schuduled. I called one of the telephone numbers that was on my letteran talked to one of the men there, I didn't reallyknow what was goin on and all so I asked him questions and all and he told me that he cold come to my house with the necessary papers and all. He came out and we talked and I signed my papers there at my house, and I also told him about one of my neigbors that lived a few houses down from me that was also interested in talking to him . He went to her home and talked to her and answered her questions .She signed papers the same day as I did, a week later we both received our checks in the mail. We did not join in any neighborhood associations or anything. Later I heard that the ones that were in the neighborhood associaton nd was holding out for the highest offers didn't recive anything, does anyne know anything about his at all ? I would appreciate any info on this subject.

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I've noticed that they are trying to take 5 year leases with 5 year kickers.....
Ours started out at the 5 years and then went down to 3 years
I'm very sorry for your loss. My heart goes out to you. I couldn't imagine losing my wife....
Thank You so much, I appreciate your concern. Yes it's much harder losing your spouse then I could of ever imagined! Especially since we have been together since we were in the 9th grade.We went together for 5 years before we married, and we would of been married for 41 years if he had of lived only a couple of months longer!
Martha... I am so sorry for your loss. I knew Larry from the old days at Speedys. Which company did you lease to? I am a part of a neighborhood coalition that hasn't leased yet but am willing to wait for better gas prices to lease. God Bless you and yours!
Thank You so much, but if you don't mind me asking who you are. Laman_71106 I don't recognize the name? I leased with Twin Cities.



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