Two chuckle worthy posts in regard to the drilling of an ultra-deep offshore well ---

These posts were made on an ultra-deep offshore website and pertain to a well in the Gulf that's at about 35,000' ---

Isn't 35,000' about where you start hearing human cries for help from the suffering souls? Just hope they stay put until the well is completed and that the crew is kept sedated with something that will erase short term memory.

Response: "Isn't 35,000' about where you start hearing human cries for help from the suffering souls?" No, actually, in this case I think we started hearing cries for help from the suffering souls at about the $26 level....



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From last week’s the Weil energy conference -other than JB's comments that there are going to be some ultra-deep Wilcox wells drilled in the Gulf (and that 12 prospects "ready-to-drill"), here's the significant news:

That the #232 is going to produce 70,000,000 to 75,000,000 cfge/day, bringing the field up to 300,000,000 cfge/day. I was disappointed that its not going to be a 100,000,000 cfge/day well, but you have the take the good with the bad. But since there’s no decline cure, what the heck.

Also that the Blueberry Hill well is "up-next".

One last thing I gathered from JB’s comments is that the Wilcox, Frio and Hackberry would be at ultra deep depths below the Big Blue Fault in the shallow shelf, and that no one could see this before because of seismic imaging limitations - or that a mountain sometimes got in the way.

Its going to get interesting once the five deepwater rigs with 40,000' to 45,000' depth capabilities are delivered. Exxon just reentered the play in a big way. Stay tuned.
I been offshore for 30 years. Deepest well I've seen was about 30,000'. Most are 9,000' to 14,000' in the areas of the Gulf I have worked in. When they do drill or attempt to drill the 30,000' wells they are going after "deep gas". Jack Blake has spoken
Actually, MMR is looking to produce anything they find, but many think they have an extraordinarily deep oil well. MMR calls it potential hydrocarbon bearing zones.

They are at 32,997 I think. Check out slides 18 & 19 on the below website. Deepest well ever drilled below the mudline of Gulf. Exxon put $150 million in this well before they gave up. Then it was re-entered.

Slides 22, 23 & 24 are something else altogether.


Sorry but 25000 to 35000' is common deepwater drilling depths now. Water depths from 2500 to 10000'. you are quite correct in your comments concerning shelf work or shallow water floaters. Some are gas but oil is the main target as not as much infrastructure needed. Most of the new builds will be drilling these sub salt or very close to the salt, which is very difficult due to young formations. Some of these wells will be over $100m, cost. Daily spread cost are around $1m.

Larry T
Yeah I was talking shallow water shelf stuff. Never had the opportunity to work in deepwater.
Long live the Haynesville Shale!!!!!!!!!!
The new super-rigs that are on their way can drill to those obsurdly deep deapths in 8 or 10 thousand feet of water, meaning that there is no place in the gulf they counldn't drill due to the capabilities of the rig. I also understand that at least one of these super-rigs (that is scheduled for delivery) is being built in China, of all places.

Right now the world's deepest well was the one in the Kola Peninsula near Norway - it was drilled to 40,230' and it took 20 years to drill. That's the one that was shut down due to the crying and screaming. And to think that in the not too distanct future we'll be able to drill right through that depth while standing in 8,000' of water and in a matter of months.
The SS Frigstad Oslo (which is supposed to be delivered in Sept-09) will be able to drill to 50,000' in 10,000' ft. of water.
The Ocean Confidence, owned by Diamond Offshore has successfully drilled a well in 10,143' of water in the G.O.M. as of last year. It is in the process of being modified to continue to perform at these depths.
Oh Please, the Kola Peninsula was stopped due to lack of funds during the Soviet Union era. They managed to drill that deep by using rotating mud to turn to pipe. No screaming voices were heard and they even found traces of water in the rocks. Google it, it's an interesting read.
"No, actually, in this case I think we started hearing cries for help from the suffering souls at about the $26 level...."


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