hello everyone, the black cloud (jack spot) did not rain on my parade. i got my money today !!!!!!!!!!!!! i am so thankful for this . and everyone on this site whom wished me good luck thank you very much!!!!!!!!! and to the black cloud (jack spot) you do not know what you are talking about! i just proved it. chesapeake is not broke. they just paid out $150,000.00 between 4 land owners!!! so take that and stick it where the sun does not shine !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and again thanks to all the believers on this site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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LOL, Congrats!
Congratulations. And thank you for your post. I'm sure it will help calm the fears of others.

It also shows that Chesapeake is not BROKE.

I heard yesterday that they are leasing in North Bossier around Greenacres.
I've heard the same Parker,

I've also heard that they are trying to finish up in greenacres (not all of the subdivision, just in the section or two they intersted in). CHK is forming some HA units in North Bossier, Hope they pan out and the shale is as good as down south of town.
Congrats Groovy,

I'm glad Jack was full of it. Hope everything works out and they find a ton of gas under you.
I hope our resident black Cloud appologizes to you for the anguish he has caused.
I also Congradulate u!!!
I'm glad it all worked out for you! All that yelling, fretting, bad mouthing and hand wringing was just a waste of time and energy - just like several people on here told you it probably was.
Wonderful news!! We are very happy for you and want to thank you for posting your results.
Hey G.D.,
If they aint , they might be cousins
Congratulations, groovey grove. Have a happy holiday with it.
I am proud for you man ...............BUT............when your feet hit the ground dont forget to hold out them taxes. I am glad to hear that there is a little activity going on. I also heard that some people have gotten
their drafts paid as much as 45 days late. all I know for sure is that one person got his money this late and was scared to take it to the bank.............he aint never seen at many numbers in one line afore.
Yep proud fer ya. ENJOY!!!!!!!


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