Then why does he not support the Keystone pipeline so we can use more Canadian Oil and save the USA oil for our grandkids along same line of thinking? Reason is he owns the RR that transports the oil from Bakkens field and from Canadian. Reason is SIMPLE SELF GREED

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i question uncle warren's uncanny ability to leverage profits in industries that are highly regulated by the feds

Essay---the design of the oil tankers shape like a "Can" have been proven to contribute to the rupture on train crashs. A new safer design was recommended but Warren influenced Obama's Admininistration to delay Fed Regs due to cost of many Billions$$$ to replace the tanker train cars. We need pipelines to replace trains and trucks for oil transport. Cheaper and Safer.

Buffet is a crony capitalist who bought the Burlington Northern railroad currently making a fortune shipping Bakken oil, pretty easy to decipher his intentions, follow the money. 

Screw Buffett!  Europe is paying $13.00/thousand for gas!!!  Even Saudi Arabia may be an importer.  Buffett probably has a lot of BS Renewables Stock!!



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