well site located between winnfield and atlanta in sardis community. Wondering if anybody has info on well to be drilled. Oil, gas or both like in ashland.

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glynn, unless there is a member who lives close you will need to supply more accurate location information.  If you can post the section-township-range, I'm sure you will get some replies.
Thanks Skip, according to long Shot's info it will be in Section 19- Township 10 North- Range 3 West. Wondering if it was Haynesville Shale but guess it is to shallow.
Way too far east.  By about 25 to 30 some odd miles.
Skip, They drilled that 20000 foot well many years ago, I think they called it the barton well, probably a couple miles from this site. Think it was a dry hole. Could not understand going so deep that many years ago. Glynn.
Devon  Entergy permitted the Devon-Donner 19 H well on 02/08/2011,serial # 242736, located in sec. 19, T10N, R3W, Winn Parish. True vertical depth listed as 8900 ft., with measured depth listed as 12,722 ft. Details of location as follows: 664 FNL & 568FWL of sec.19. PBHL  shown as 185FSL & 1693FWL of sec. 19. This information found on SONRIS site of  La. State Cons. Dept. This may be the well site you are asking about.
Thanks Long Shot, found it on Sonris. That is the site. Was told they drilled that location many years ago so maybe they know what they are looking for with new technology.
Glynn, can you tell us if there is any activity at this well site that indicates that the co. is planning to start drilling soon?  Thanks.
Long Shot, Was told that the road with a gate, pad site and pit are all ready for a rig. Looks like they are moving pretty fast on it. Glynn.
Thanks for the infor. Glynn, keep posting any updates that you can.
Will do, hope to hear a rig is on site soon.
Glynn, do you (or anyone ) have any updates on this well? Thanks.
The Devon-Donner 19H #1 reported 14 days drilling ahead on Friday, March 25.  No depth was reported.


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