What is the Township and Range for the six newly drilled and/or planned Australis TMS wells?

I am having trouble figuring out the Township and Range of the six new Australis wells:  Namely the Stewart 30H-1, Bergold 29H-2, Williams 26 H-2, Taylor 27H-1, Saxby 03-10 2H and Quinn 41-30 3H.  Can anyone help me with that, please?

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They are in MS.  the Stewart is 1N 6E.  The others may be visible on page 4 of the Quarterly Activity Report attached.



Thanks, Jay.  I see the Stewart and Bergold wells are in 1N-6E.   The Quarterly Activities Report lists the Sections, but not the Townships and Ranges that I can see.  I'm guessing the Taylor and Williams wells are also in 1N-6E and that the Saxby and Quinn wells are either in 1N-5E or 2N-5E.  Just can't tell for sure.

You can try searching the MS O&G Board website.  It is almost as user unfriendly as the TX RRC one.


That's what I've been told!!!

I'm hoping one of the locals can help me!!!

Taylor 27 H-1 spud on 12/28/18 and is in Section 27/1N/5E.  


Both the Taylor 27H and the Williams 26H have surface locations in section 27 - 1N - 5E.  Saxby 3-10 and Quinn 41-30 are in section 3 - 1N - 4E. 

I have also been told that they need to see better results soon or else.  Just got that from a Nape birdie. 


Hmmmm.  I thought the first well was encouraging not only from an IP standpoint but from the well cost.  I think it was $10.3M.

I don't think it is a well cost issue, but a repeatability issue.  Wells that are sub standard due to lateral length or the ductile shale not taking the frack are the real issues.


So, back to the issue of clay content that Goodrich sought to dismiss.

I think it is just a very difficult reservoir to frack into--sometimes it will take the frack sometimes not so it is not very repeatable.  Think of it as more muddy, not brittle.  Couple that with oil prices, and it makes it tough.



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