Well now... I got buried with offers to purchase all or part of my Rights to many of our San Augustine Wells Units.

  • Nolte
  • Victoria Anne
  • Brown-Weeks
  • Weeks
  • Davis
  • Parks
  • Parks West
  • York
  • Red River 365 A
  • Red River 365 B
  • Steadman
  • Jacquelyn Bright
  • Dennis
  • McKinney
  • Bennett
  • Freeman Farms

I won't disclose the amount offered, but this is the first time I have ever taken a second look at an offer. I know I have seen a sudden renewal of some Permits and a few new Permits appear on the TRRC GIS Maps since January...

So, is anyone seeing an uptick in Rigs or Fracking Teams arriving or wandering the area? Any and all updates are appreciated.

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Yes! My offers have been getting pretty good as well.  I have half interest in 11.15 acres in the BSI Keydets and I 've had offers approaching six figures, with the multitude of offers steadily rising.  I can only imagine what hose offers would be like if BSI Keydets had actually been producing all this time.

Personally think that most offers to buy minerals are rooted in the undrilled laterals in any one acreage position - not as much for the active production.

However, I also notice that the offers go up on a producing unit in value and volume.

Each unit will be unique as to status / volume of active production and number (if any) of undrilled locations per target horizon.

Family has interest in the Polo and Whitton Alloc. unit as well as Sacagawea.  Polo has quite a bit of undrilled potential as well as the Whitton Alloc. with bossier undrilled as of yet.  Apparently not enough space on existing pad for more bossier wells.

Some north Angelina County mineral owners are also being sent offers to sell their minerals at near legit pricing. The mineral owners that I have talked to have decided to retain their minerals and wait for further E&P development in the area.


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