Make sure you join and network with others who are in the "Leased by Chesapeake" group.

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We also have a few other companies represented


If you don't see your company, list it and we'll see if there is interest there to add it.

So, how does one add a company to the list??
I should have said, "post it!"
Thanks for the reply.  I'm more than fairly computer literate; am also new to this site (which is great. . . thank you for it), but I am having difficulty figuring this out.  I do not know where nor how to "post" it.  Let's cut to the chase: can you please get E.O.G. on there??  Thanks, again.
Great you just posted it! Anyone else... EOG??
One more for EOG and a  proxy vote for several others leased by them.
Yes, EOG has a lease on my property in Claiborne Parish.
E.O.G.    Here!
By EOG do you mean Encana oil & gas? If so you can add me to list.
my family and i are leased to crimson. over 200 acres here and the lease expires in July
I'm not sure where to go to get detail on leasing with EOG.  I have some input but want to be sure it goes to the right place.  Thanks again!


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