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Call EOG in Houston and ask them who is the Landman over your county for the Eagle Ford Shale.  They may have at least 2 landmen or more working that county.
Mike - Is there news of EOG drilling Eagle Ford in Nac County?
I am not sure but what you can do is start using the tx railroad commission web-site, there is an area I think called W-1 where you can find the county and operator and see what permits have been issued in that county.  I would use a begin date of Jan 1, 2009 to present date and you can see all the permits that have been issued.
Thanks, I will try it.
We are leased to EnerVest Ltd. for the Jennifer Stewart GU.

Leased with Crimson Exploration, Gobi well in San Augustine, TX.





We leased our land in North St. Landry Parish (Moncrief Field) to Whittier Energy for the Austin Chalk.  Atinum Operating is trying to get the permit now.

I am a joint owner with JW Operating out of Dallas, Tx.  I chose not to sign a lease in 2008 when contacted by the company. 
Terryville field leased to Indigo as of today.
Please add Comstock Resources
Samson LLC


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