Where did you vote? Long wait? Short Wait? Any thing else note worthy?

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Absentee voting is great thing....
I had a chance to vote early October 31st and trust me it was a trick getting there and no treat once I was there. Talking about long lines..Ehhhhh!
I sold my mine for a bottle of cheap wine and a couple of smokes.

I'm just kidding I voted absentee.
Hey Dorcheated,
I just got a memo from "O" headquarters that says that KB, Mooncookie and G.B dont vote until tomorrow. Something about "Change" . You dont happen to know who they are going to vote for tomorrow on Super Wednesday do you ? (wink,wink)

We have more pole workers then actual voters in big "D" so it took me the usual 3 minutes to vote.
Hey Snakester,
Well, I think we have the three votes on this thread to offset them. But I think GB got to vote four times. I got to tell you buddy I don't know if those long lines are good or bad news I'm really getting nervous about going home and turning on the TV.
Don't forget the democrats motto...Vote early and often.
Do you really think that GB voted the same all four times.They are looking for change and all. Maybe they change there minds too ? HA!HA!HA!

P.S. I have to force myself to laugh to keep from crying. You guys are gonna just have to bare with me on this one. A very sad day for this once great nation, in my opinion. Whichever way it goes.
"more pole workers... '

Did Deja Vu open a satellite branch out there? LOL
Hey sounds good to me . I like to see what I'm investing in if you know what I mean.
Kinda like "Why buy the cow ...", huh? Hey, I know I opened the door to the jokes, but let's stay wholesome and on topic out of respect to H's discussion.
Wholesome is my middle name I don't drink, I don't smoke and I can't stand being around those who do.

You lead the discussion big guy, if you don't open the door I can't walk through it.
Hey Dorchea, "Captain Wholesome", read your homepage ! (LOL)


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