Where did you vote? Long wait? Short Wait? Any thing else note worthy?

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i just had chill bumps when FOX projected him the winner and Flashed up Obama Elected President. It was not my imagination, they were all over me.
And now you notice after 1 year of Fox news condeming the man now they LOVE him makes me sick too.
There will be a time and place when Obama supporters are going to figure out that he's just another politician and not the Great one just give it some time.
The one thing I will not do like OGCalifornia and a lot others did to Bush is call Obama and his family names. I respect the president of the United States just not his policies.
So true, D! To watch Americans boo his name during McCain's concession speech was terrible. All over the Japanese news...
I agree with what you just said. I just want to know why it didn't apply when Bush won
Those words should apply one day after your born.
It's not a new day it just another day of politics in
America and words will never change that.
Jay...have you ever been to Japan? The government here has always implemented many of the ideas Obama is leaning toward. People here don't consider this way of governing as 'handouts' nor do they complain about the "free" healthcare. Yeah...I've paid monthly health premiums based on my salary (not age) for 15 years (the more I make, the more I pay...even though I am single!!)...and at first I was livid because I had been strongly influenced by our society which taught me, for the most part, that such governing was not fair to those who had to share their wealth. It took my mother losing a leg and most of my parent's life savings in the US medical healthcare system for me to appreciate this way of governing...for when I'm ill, I don't have a care in the world. I have NEVER been turned away from a doctor or hospital here...and I have NEVER had to fight insurance companies to have my hospital bills paid. I don't pay any more for brand name medication, nor do I have to visit certain doctors for my insurance to be accepted. I'll gladly take this method of healthcare over that in the US any day of the year. Honestly, I feel that I am very blessed to have been able to experience both systems. My judgment is not based on being a republican or democrat...but on living both sides of the debate. This one, in my opinion, is the superior of the two. But then again, Japanese society focuses on a group consciousness/community more so than on the individual as we do in the US. There are, of course, pluses and minuses in regards to both systems. Our question should be this: is the current system an advantage for the United States as a whole?
The problem is the Japanese have a hard work ethic and frown down on people who don't. This is a whole different ball game here Japan doesn't have 12 million iillegals and Japan doesn't have a populations of 340,000,000 people.

Hawaii tried universal health care for new borns and kids untill the age of 18 and went broke in 7 months google it up and read about it. I love you to death Antsu but your comparing pumpkins to grapes.
Japan has about 120 million people in a country that is smaller than the state of Texas. We have MANY people, particularly from neighboring Asian countries, who have overstayed their work visas...so I guess you could say they are here illegally. Few guns: low crime. I've only heard of one murder in my city in the past 15 years. And that was by a foreign woman married to a Japanese man.

For the challenging news of the day: I just learned from my Japanese accountant that I will be taxed by Japan on my oil proceeds....and that's in addition to the taxes I have to pay in the US. (As she pulls out her hair!!) Still, like ShaleGeo, I will survive...(downing a BIG glass of Antsu Shale Tea right now.)

Yes, Japan has a hard work ethic..but also, tax money is split evenly between schools....AND Japanese teachers are government officials who have no choice in the school they are selected to work in. They are transferred to different schools after 4 years or so. This also helps to provide for an even quality in the school system in regards to teachers. I feel that America needs to clean up its school system in order to establish a level-playing academic field for all kids. Then you just may see more hard-working people in our country as well. I don't know....someone in here will probably see this as a socialist move as well. Anyway, it works here.

As for Hawaii....what was the problem with the universal healthcare system they implemented?
Yep...you got that right. Nothing is free in this world. I still have moments where I'm not thrilled to be paying pension and healthcare based on my salary...but oh well. This is the society in which I have chosen to lay my head.

It is most admirable that you are so committed to being the sole provider for you and yours. Just know that if you ever find yourself in a position to not be able to do it on your own...you still have friends out here in the shale! (Not all of us are going to be millionaires, especially after CHK....but we'll do whatever we can!!). Don't look at it as "charity"...it's more along the lines of compassion.

PS...No disrespect to you and/or your beliefs meant...just my idea of community! Stay blessed...
As I said to Gosh Darn, I know who the Bush bashers are on this site it's gonna be interesting to see who now wants to take the moral hi ground when for months they have done nothing but bashed Bush and yes they have made plenty of baseless comments.
Hey D...remember going in the politics chat. So volatile I decided to pass on it and never went back. Anyway, have a great one. Stay healthy, happy and blessed. Our country needs more good folk like YOU!


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