On September 3rd. Lumberjack Energy recorded seven O&G leases with the Caddo Parish Clerk of Court.  These are form leases with no addendum exhibit page for 2 year terms and royalties of one eighth and one fifth.  Lumberjack Energy with address listed in Atlanta Texas registered as an LLC with the Louisiana Secretary of State on August 28.  The leases cover mineral interests in Section 30 - 22N - 15W and residential lots in the Plainview Subdivision.  Lumberjack Energy is not listed as an operator by the LA Office of Conservation so is likely a land company.  Lessor beware.

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Please see the responses to this post in the general forum.

Lumberjack Energy, LLC has been assigned Operator Code L246 by the Office of Conservation.

Again, please review the detailed response by Lumberjack in the general forum.

Lumberjack, eventually the Main Page discussion will rotate off and not be visible.  I suggest that you cut and paste your response in this thread because it will remain on the Group Main Page much longer.

Thanks for the info Skip. I think it will suffice to say, we are an operator and will be for any well drilled under our leases.

Thanks again.


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