Hi All,

If you have a few moments, please share any info and projections if any for the Grizzlies DU #1H, Exxon/XTO (Haynesville Shale) Nac Co., YBARBO; (as opposed to the Grizzly in San Augustine County).

The Grizzlies DU pad site has to 2 big vertical tanks, 2 horizontal propane type tanks with an exhaust, and another station with a digital readout of 8.5 (as I recall) that appears connected to the new pipeline running east/west parallel to the pad.

I read earlier today on GHS that a well can produce but may not be completed. What does that mean?

I appreciate any and all comments!

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Not yet, Becky.

Got a answer today. Title work will be through this month. 2-3 for accounting to get checks out.

Thanks v, nice work.

1,791,920. as in 1billion 7hundred million for the first 6.5 months of production. Did drop to 249million for April.

What are these numbers? Any updates for the Grizzlies Du # 1 H well?
Wow,v, those initial numbers are impressive. Did they choke back or are things petering out?

Has anybody seen a freakin' check?!


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