I have property in a-461. I just discovered pipelines within 50 ft of my property line. A neighbor told me an oil co. Ran lines under my land. How can I get information about who did it?

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7524 W

7524 When you say "ran lines" I assume you mean pipelines.  If thats the case, the easiest way is to go to the ROW, and see the name on the sign.  

If you are talking wells, you might want to start with the railroad commission map viewer.  

Check the signage along the pipeline path that is near your property line  should be company name and number. If a line was run under your property, can you see the pipeline pathway / ROW on the surface? Sould be very visible since one would have had to clear the surface and trench for pipeline.

Using DrillingInfo.com site, I uploaded a PDF of A-461 survey in Nacogdoches Co with pipeline info (attached below).Large survey and multiple pipelines by several operators. No guarantee that this pipline map is up to date, however.

In which part of the survey is your land located?



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