use this discussion of new wells in Nacogdoches County since beginning new year 2011 since 2010 in getting to long to follow. Will keep all year to year separate for information

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So hard for me to picture all of what's going on in Cherino, TX from up here in the snow covered mountains. Everytime I think I understand my simple map a little bit... I find out I really don't. can you see the wells from where you live?
Just joined this discussion group.  jffree1, do you by chance have any info/production figures on EXCO's (OP# 256915) Walker SU G 1H Well, API #347-33226?  Could only find the W-1 on the RRC site.  EXCO indicated this well began producing in July, 2011, but some DO's just went out about 2 weeks ago.   
Thanks for any info you can find.

Walker SU G #1H is a very nice well!  It came on late in July with an IP of 21.904 MMcfd on a 22/64 choke with a 9828# flowing pressure.

July 2011 -   17,040 mcf

Aug 2011- 633,531 mcf

Sep 2011- 599,877 mcf

Oct 2011- 431,658 mcf

Nov 2011- 298,326 mcf

Dec 2011-353,602 mcf

Jan 2012- 325,481 mcf

Total (tah dah... yes, it's big)-2,659,515 mcf

February is available... I just haven't looked it up yet.

jffree1, THANKS SO MUCH.   I'm new at this, so I just didn't know where to find production figures.  Would you mind sending me the link to this info, or do you have to be a member at the RRC to obtain this kind of data?


Also, hope I didn't annoy anyone by starting a new discussion on this topic.  I didn't know if posting my question at the end of the list of new IP Wells would be acknowledged.  You can disregard answering my post there.

You're doing fine.  I would suggest that you go delete the post on the main page.  It would be better if you take a minute to learn how to find the production figures and, no, you don't need a membership or anything like that.

Go to the online query:

I suggest you bookmark that link.  Use the top query box, set the well type to "pending", select Dist. 6 (drop down list), type in the well permit # (RRC identifier), 711005 in this case, (can be found on the W-1 page) and set the top date to Jan. 2011.  Leave the last one alone.  Hit enter and you will get the reports.

When the well is issued a "Lease ID #" that permit number will stop working so then you will have to do a Lease ID query to find the new number.  That search is found on the main query page:

Bookmark that one too.  Once you have a lease ID you need to set the well type to "Gas" instead of pending.

OK, will delete the discussion on the mail page.  Thanks for the tips on how to navigate the RRC.

There you go!

Here are monthly royalty payments assuming 25% interest for this well and running strip pricing:

here is the decline:

this is a very nice well.  It is even economic at $1.9 gas

pete, thanks for the info and graphs on the Walker SU G  #1H.  I'm not at all familiar with what the charts represent, so could you by chance point me to the chart that details the monthly royalty payments. 

Sure....the production was snagged using the well index in the Texas Production Query app and the royalty payments were calculated either the Quick Decline app found here:

jffree1, I found the February production numbers for the Walker SU G #1H at the RRC.   Thanks so much for your assistance. 

I could not, however, find how to go back later and delete my discussion I posted in the general section.   I think there may be some time limit imposed after posting to change your mind.   If anyone knows how to do this, I'd appreciate a response.    Thanks.

It's no big deal.  The discussion aged off of the main page due to knew posts so to find it you'd have to click "view all" under the main page discussion list and then browse through a page or two to find it.  Any discussion you initiate can later be edited or deleted by you, a moderator or the site owner.


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