In the latest Rig Data - Patterson 224 which is drilling the Walker SU F well (347-33215) is missing from the report.  It is correctly shown on the Patterson Rig web site, but another site shows it drilling 347-33185 (Walker Su A).  Like most data base errors they just multiply.


The spud date for 347-33215 was in early March - does anybody know when should they be posting the results?

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Exco has been running about 30-45 days from the drill to frac.  Patterson 224 was rigging up on Walker G 1H last Friday.  We may hear something by the end of June.

I know that many of you have access to better, and more current information than the Railroad Commission map - that site is still showing this well as only permitted, and we know that it had a spud date back in early March.  Does anybody have anything more current on its status?


The official IP on Walker SU F #1H was 20.898 MMcfd on a 24/64 choke with 8190# flowing pressure.

All of the Walker and Gomez wells have been "super" wells per Les B's definition: 20.00 MMcfd and over with a flowing pressure of 8000# or greater.



Thank-you so much.


Now all they have to do is run gas gathering lines to it, and start actual production - any idea on how long that process will take?  There don't seem to be any gas gathering lines near 347-33215, acording to the Railroad Commision map.  Or, maybe there are lines that just have not shown up on the map yet?

William Barnum---gathering pipelines to well may never show up on the RRC map-- if well fac and has IP data released you can be sure it is flowing in pipeline to sales.

Gathering lines were staked in early April when I visited several of the Walker locations.  Exco is very efficient... your well is producing now and has been since it was completed in the first week of June.  That map is woefully out of date as to gathering lines.  It will be a couple of months before production shows up on RRC.  If I hear anything through the grapevine... I will post it.
Thank-you both for the quick responses!
"Nacogdoches County

The Walker SU F Well No. 1H was completed to 19,409 feet is 5.8 miles southeast of Chireno by Exco Operating in the Carthage Field. On a 24/64-inch choke the well potentialed 20.898 million cubic feet of gas. Production is in the Haynesville Shale."

This was reported in today' East Texas Drilling Report - 8 days after we got the info from jffreel - jffreel, YOU ARE THE MAN!

Yes, Jffree1, You are the Man !!!  : ))


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