Just wondering if there is ANY activity( i.e. drilling, leasing etc...) in Nacogdoches Co. at the moment.  Whats going on with leases in that area?  Has anyone had a lease expire that wasnt renewed?  Just looking for any general information about the area...

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Yes, EOG drilled Shofner and Simpson in the Hoya Survey. We're in Shofner via 3 Surveys: Vital Flores A-31, J.A. Veach A-575, and J.I. Y'Barbo A-60.  Unfortunately Shofner is under an old lease so terms not as good.  The new lease in Flores and Veach has no wells on it...YET. Gotta think positive. :) 


Yes, so does mine, and their response was that the lease had expired.  I am still trying to get them to recognize that the two year option was picked up bt Cabot.

I have 2 different tracts of land in the James Windsor survey in Nac Co., that were leased out to two different companies that neither one would renew the lease on after they expired (after the 2-3yr opt)... I don't know what to do to get it leased back out as I am new to all of this... after doing a little investigating I have found out that I will not lease back out to one of the companies due to conflict of interest.  Their is an active well that I believe that may be less than 5 miles south of me and I'm wondering if I should be getting some type of royalties from it,,,, also the oil well maps that I've looked at online don't show the gas line that runs north & south on the west side of one of my tracts of land (within 400yds or so alongside the CR).... I can't help but wonder if someone isn't 'stealing' gas from us... don't know what to do... thinking I need a name for an attorney....     Any help would be greatly appreciated... 

Hartland--- to receive royalty your minerals must be within the final plat of the unit in which the well is located -- sorry not miles away or even contiguous to the unit. The pipelines simply transport the gas from well location to storage or purchaser at end of line some were hundreds of miles down line it doesnot extract gas from your minerals as it goes by you. If activity pick back up one day with improved prices and operator think you have oil or gas in your tract by seismic or new wells drilled around or near you then you may get contacted to release. From your comments see no reason to contact a lawyer. Wish you good things for future. What abstract number for the James Windsor survey?

I have 35 acres leased to EnCanta in the Remejio Totin Survey that will expire this week. Is this par for what is happening at the moment?

Encana let our lease expire in Dec, 2011. We're in A Spear A-43 survey along the Attoyac River in extreme western San Augustine Co. No interest from anyone right now.

Does anybody know if any of the drilling companies have filed for any drilling permits in Nacogdoches in the last six months?

They have not. XTO was the last to drill anything. They, and the other Haynesville operators (EOG, Exco, Samson), are not drilling anything in Nacogdoches Co. right now.

Jffree1----XTO just move rig off the Golden Flashes #1H just across river about 200 yds from Nacogdoches Co line in Shelby Co about 1+miles NNE of Martinsville a Bossier Shale well. This well on Mrs Baggett farm

Thanks, adubu. That rig went to SA and is on the Bulldogs DU #1H now.

Jffree1---where do you find info about rigs movements?

A subscription service... rigdata.com


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