Just wondering if there is ANY activity( i.e. drilling, leasing etc...) in Nacogdoches Co. at the moment.  Whats going on with leases in that area?  Has anyone had a lease expire that wasnt renewed?  Just looking for any general information about the area...

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JA Chireno Survey. Futures prices have leveled off and did not have the same decline as near term gas prices did. So I would guess we may start to see some "quiet" leasing.

I have a few acres just south of the Badders Family Unit and EOG is talking about leasing it.  I figure it is just some clean up work, hopefully prior to drilling a new well there.

Some of the owners in that area had Elite/Cabot or Sonerra or Samson leases that have probably expired. That  be could be what they are cleaning up.

Ours were Sonerra Resources leases that expired in June of 2010.

Nick water. ---Who calling to lease? What company?

I'm also interested in the same thing.  Supposedly there is an increase activity in drilling in the Haynesville Shale, but do not know if it encompasses Nacogdoches County area.  If anyone knows, please advise.  Thank you.


There have been a couple of Travis Peak permits in the last year but no Haynesville activity at all except for the two new Brent Miller wells Encana drilled.

Pad site completed and rig should move on site within days to spud the NANOOK#3H haynesville shale well XTO operator about 1 1/2 mile North of Martinsville
You can keep eye on Rig movement

I forgot about that one, adubu, but it's pretty far from Elaine's AOI, too.

XTO has two rigs running in Shelby Co. and one up in Panola Co. They could move in a new rig but they've held steady at three for a long time now so I don't really expect that. I'll let you know when I see something.


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