Has anyone else got a check from Aethon Energy?  My first 3 years of my contract are up in January of 2021 and I got a check in for the remaining 2 years last week.  My neighbor got his check the week before and told me about his extension before I got mine in the mail on Saturday.  Seems that they are still interested in drilling our well, which was the Vulcanadon when BP had the permit for the well that was started but never finished.  

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Aethon appears to be developing NON HBP mineral acreage within BP’s Laceyville field. Of course, this acreage is primarily owned by Black Stone Minerals, and the smaller, privately owned acreage is being used to build out the units. This development also includes areas where BP started development but did not finish (as you mention).

Aethon is currently drilling the Apato and Brachi Units (Patterson Rig 584), although I did notice that the 1H permits had SWR holds. Additionally, I was in Huntington this weekend and noticed new flagging at the gate entrance to the Everest Drilling Pad (which is permitted for one Haynesville and one Bossier well but not yet spudded). The gate was closed, so I could not determine what type of activity is actually occurring. We’ll just have to wait and read the new permits issued in the future.

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