005-30408  Dino Gas Unit #1HB

005-30428  Gasosaurus Gas Unit #4HB

005-30430  Allosaurus Gas Unit #3H

005-30431  Allosaurus Gas Unit #3HB

005-30432  Denali Gas Unit #3H

005-30433  Denali Gas Unit #3HB

005-30434  Ttops Gas Unit #2H

005-30435  Ttops Gas Unit #2HB

005-30436  Rockies Gas Unit #4HB


005-30417  TRex Gas Unit #2H              Nabors rig B14

005-30418  TRex Gas Unit #2HB            Nabors rig B14

005-30419  Velo Gas Unit #1HB             Nabors rig X07

005-30420  Velo Gas Unit #1H                Nabors rig X07

005-30423  Titan Gas Unit #2HR            Nabors rig B15

005-30429  Titan Gas Unit #2HB            Nabors rig B15

005-30426  Dracorex Gas Unit #2H        Sidewinder rig 102

005-30427  Dracorex Gas Unit #2HB      Sidewinder rig 102

Waiting on Completion

005-30411  Dino Gas Unit #2H

005-30412  Dino Gas Unit #2HB

005-30421  Stego Gas Unit Allocation #1H

005-30425  TRex Gas Unit #3HB           

Completed, Selling gas - waiting on IP report


Completed, Reported, Selling Gas             

005-30388  S.W.Henderson Hay GU #1H (Goodrich)

IP - 19.633, 22/64, 8922# FCP

005-30392  ACLCO Hay GU (Alloc) #1H (Goodrich)

IP -   8.229, 21/64, 6400# FCP

005-30394  Sarge Unit #1HR (EOG)

IP - 16.190, 19/64, 9915# FCP

005-30398  ACLCO Hay GU 2 #1H (Goodrich)

IP -   6.018, 10/64, 11500# FCP

005-30406  TRex Gas Unit #1H

IP - 12.880, 16.5/64, 11015# FCP

005-30407  Dino Gas Unit #1H

IP - 13.915, 25.5/64, 10352# FCP

005-30409  Saber Gas Unit #1H

IP - 13.319, 15/64, 10672# FCP

005-30410  Saber Gas Unit #1HB

IP - 12.580, 16.5/64, 9976# FCP

005-30413  Utahraptor Gas Unit #1H

IP - 15.776, 14/64, 10863# FCP

005-30414  Utahraptor Gas Unit #1HB

IP - 14.276, 16.2/64, 10896# FCP

005-30415  Gasosaurus Gas Unit #1H

IP - 10.208, 14/64, 11793# FCP

005-30416  Rockies Gas Unit #1H

IP -   9.959, 13/64, 12622# FCP

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Replies to This Discussion

More completion reports






Here's the map I posted on the other discussion.

Any reports or other information you have on the Stego GU #1H would be appreciated. Thanks.

The first clue I will have that it's been completed is when they post production reports. If completed in May the first report would show up in July. Two month lag in reporting but BP reports on or about the 1st of the month so you won't have to wait all month, at least.

Jffree1, thanks for the follow-up.

Thank you for info as I am part of Utah,Stego draco and soon to be drilled T Tops,

You're welcome. I'll try to get it updated soon.

Thank you for posting this information.  It will help in figuring up what to expect in our pool.

I just updated the lists. No report on Stego yet, Ol' Vet. Rockies GU #1H has been completed but no IP report filed as of Monday. It made 74,849 mcf in May and 515,134 mcf in June.

I've updated the well data. Here's a map with the newest locations added. Also, IP report on Rockies #1H is attached.




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