005-30408  Dino Gas Unit #1HB

005-30428  Gasosaurus Gas Unit #4HB

005-30430  Allosaurus Gas Unit #3H

005-30431  Allosaurus Gas Unit #3HB

005-30432  Denali Gas Unit #3H

005-30433  Denali Gas Unit #3HB

005-30434  Ttops Gas Unit #2H

005-30435  Ttops Gas Unit #2HB

005-30436  Rockies Gas Unit #4HB


005-30417  TRex Gas Unit #2H              Nabors rig B14

005-30418  TRex Gas Unit #2HB            Nabors rig B14

005-30419  Velo Gas Unit #1HB             Nabors rig X07

005-30420  Velo Gas Unit #1H                Nabors rig X07

005-30423  Titan Gas Unit #2HR            Nabors rig B15

005-30429  Titan Gas Unit #2HB            Nabors rig B15

005-30426  Dracorex Gas Unit #2H        Sidewinder rig 102

005-30427  Dracorex Gas Unit #2HB      Sidewinder rig 102

Waiting on Completion

005-30411  Dino Gas Unit #2H

005-30412  Dino Gas Unit #2HB

005-30421  Stego Gas Unit Allocation #1H

005-30425  TRex Gas Unit #3HB           

Completed, Selling gas - waiting on IP report


Completed, Reported, Selling Gas             

005-30388  S.W.Henderson Hay GU #1H (Goodrich)

IP - 19.633, 22/64, 8922# FCP

005-30392  ACLCO Hay GU (Alloc) #1H (Goodrich)

IP -   8.229, 21/64, 6400# FCP

005-30394  Sarge Unit #1HR (EOG)

IP - 16.190, 19/64, 9915# FCP

005-30398  ACLCO Hay GU 2 #1H (Goodrich)

IP -   6.018, 10/64, 11500# FCP

005-30406  TRex Gas Unit #1H

IP - 12.880, 16.5/64, 11015# FCP

005-30407  Dino Gas Unit #1H

IP - 13.915, 25.5/64, 10352# FCP

005-30409  Saber Gas Unit #1H

IP - 13.319, 15/64, 10672# FCP

005-30410  Saber Gas Unit #1HB

IP - 12.580, 16.5/64, 9976# FCP

005-30413  Utahraptor Gas Unit #1H

IP - 15.776, 14/64, 10863# FCP

005-30414  Utahraptor Gas Unit #1HB

IP - 14.276, 16.2/64, 10896# FCP

005-30415  Gasosaurus Gas Unit #1H

IP - 10.208, 14/64, 11793# FCP

005-30416  Rockies Gas Unit #1H

IP -   9.959, 13/64, 12622# FCP

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Replies to This Discussion

Just looked that well name up - a dinosaur that I have never heard of. Pretty unique!

Hope it is equivalent to the anticipated well results (i.e. HUGE!)

Yes this is the well that I have been waiting on.  There will be a second one with the same name also.  Looks like the Titan and Velo are both coming online right in time for the winter prices, we will see how they produce and hoping ours is a good well. 

Sod Holder:

There are actually two wells associated with this permit - a H (Haynesville) and HB (Bossier). The link provided is for the HB well. The well bores are stacked with the Bossier being shallower.

I enjoy this site and I appreciate all that contribute.....

Does anyone know the status of the Titus 2HB????  Is it producing and selling gas at this time?  I was told that they drilled 3 wells on this site and possibly one well has a problem.  Appreciate any update that anyone can give us.  Thanks and Merry Christmas!!!!!     DCT

There have been three wells (on two surface locations) drilled on that unit. Titan 2H was plugged back to 4,000' and sidetracked, original hole abandoned. #2HB permit was renumbered as #2HR for the sidetrack and the new third permit was a replacement for #2HB. All of that was done because the drill string got stuck in 2H, had to be cut and left in hole. They filed the paperwork on 2H, including an an e-mail thread that explains what happened:

"This is a request to the RRC to approve the Plug & Sidetrack Proposed Plan for the well Titan 2H. The drill string on the well Titan 2H is stuck since last Saturday (05/26/18) and despite of several attempts we have not been able to get it free."
The wells were not producing as of the October production reports.



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