EOG plans 1st Angelina County Haynesville well: SARGE UNIT - Well # 1H

Status # 724486
API # 005-30393
PENDING Approval, Submitted: 09/19/2011, Filed: Online
New Drill Horizontal
Total Depth – 15,800
Survey – ANDERSON, W; Abstract #58

Location is near the HW 103E and FM 1669 intersection. Horizontal lateral is about 5,500 feet and drilled to the south. The pool size is 460 acres and that includes the old Angelina County Lumber Company heirs with an additional Worsham tract.

More good news for Angelina County mineral owners and indicates that activity in north Angelina County could be ramping up.



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Looks like the folks in Angelina Co. are napping.  This is a fairly large step southward for EOG.
I feel sure this step out is related to Goodrich's success to the east of the Sarge well
I sure am glad to see this,  right down the road from me.  My attorney is still trying to hammer out a deal for me with Goodrich,  guess I need to make sure she is shopping my minerals to EOG also.
Thanks for the reply Mike,  I know EOG contacted my neighbor across the road from me and wanted to lease his land a few weeks back.  The landman told him that when (not if) a well was drilled,  it would be drilled by EOG and not Goodrich.  Also,  that Goodrich would retain 1/16 royalty on any land they had leased in an area that a well was drilled.

Are there any updates on this well?

Thanks for the reply Mike,  I am watching these two since I am right in the middle of them.  Once the numbers come out will help in knowing what to lease at.  

What questions should be asked if a company that has purchased land for rig, also wants to build a pond on your property?  Should I contact an attorney?


Ask if they will drill water wells, , what will the watershed above the pond be (in acres) will they fill in the pond to a suitable size after completion work, how long will they use the pond?

Thank you.  Do you think I should hire an attorney.  So far, I have been comfortable with the landman, which could be naive for me to trust him.

Thank you,



Any update on the plans for the Southern Angelina County Haynesville or Bossier Shale drilling?

Our family was contacted by Encanna Oil & Gas and a broker on their behalf about leasing these

mineral rights last year, and since then have only heard that everything has been put on hold except for Northern Angelina County with EOG.



Thanks for the info, Mike.  I certainly would have expected high pressure, but I'm excited to find out that EOG was successfully able to deal with both the high pressure and well as the high temperatures they must have encountered.  I look forward to more definitive completion info on the Sarge well.  I have unleased minerals in the southern portion of the Chireno Survey, A-17 which is about 6 miles east of the Sarge well in Nacogdoches Co.


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