Goodrich permits 1st horizontal Haynesville well: S.W. Henderson Hay GU #1H

Status # 695147
API # 005-30388
Approved ,Issued: 04/29/2010 ,Filed: Online
06 - ANGELINA County
New Drill - Horizontal
Total Depth - 22000
Survey - WALKER, J Abstract #647

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jffree1---congratulations on getting your group Angelina County Group approved and started
Thanks, adubu... now let's hope this is not just an anomaly and they have some great well results!
Is there anything happening with the Chandler Johnson Survey, A-19, in Angelina County?
I have mineral rights there and was recently approached by Encana Gas & Oil, USA to lease my mineral rights, but then they told me things were temporarily put on hold.
I went to Lufkin this morning and, lo and behold... there is a rig on the S. W. Henderson Hay GU #1H. The rig number is 103 but I didn't get a good look at the name. I think it is Precision so, if anyone gets a chance to confirm that, I'd appreciate hearing from you.
Thanks, Mike. Have you heard anything?
Any news on the well, Mike R.?
Well, that sounds fairly positive, to me, if they are getting ready for a second well.
Does anyone have an update on this well? Has it been completed? Thanks for any info.
It was still being drilled last Friday. An update will be available tomorrow afternoon.
Any new information on whether this well has been completed, and if so, what flow is being shown? It seems like enough time has gone by that something should have happened by now.
BenC, the rig left sometime around the first of the month. It is probably too soon to expect completion results yet but I expect Goodrich will put out a press release when they have something to tell. That has been their MO in the past when they were drilling Haynesville wells up at Tatum.
I expect Goodrich to put out an operations update just in time for their 3Q conference call. That's when I think we'll find out about this well. I am looking for them to file a new permit somewhere in the Etoile area soon... possibly south of 103 (right Hwy this time:-).


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