We've been contacted by Global Geophysical Services, wanting a permit to perform seismic testing on our Angelina River Trend land, which is under lease to Goodrich for Haynesville Shale and Bossier formation depths. Although the Global agent stated that the testing is speculative, Goodrich's land man says that Global is acting on behalf of Goodrich and EOG. I've heard that $25-$50/acre is the going amount, but the Global rep is trying to lowball us at $10. Has anyone recently authorized seismic testing on their land in Angelina County (particularly in the Angelina River Trend), and if so, what amount did you negotiate for granting the permit?


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What headright survey are you in?


Stay firm at $25/ acre they will pay it. It maybe 6 month to 1 year before that shoot it. They are just starting doing title run on all surface owners. Make sure you get easement ROW for any other excess damage after the fact and liability release, etc  look thru this site for Seismic threads there is several with lots of info --- read through them

Caddo Rat, our land is in the  following surveys: J.T. Rawls, Nancy Lang, George Kinney, Friend McMahan, Juan M. Cruz, Caleb Holloway, Robert Lindsey, W.H. McKinney, and A. R. Taylor.

Mike R, as to Black Stone, last November when we were negotiating for a lease, Black Stone's rep told me that they are in a joint venture with EOG in Angelina County and that EOG was actually the money behind them. They offered a good bit more bonus, but insisted on an inordinately large drilling unit and their proposal had some other aspects that we found undesirable. We were impressed with Goodrich's approach, and thought they would be better for us long term.

I think I'll start on the upper end of the amounts suggested to me for granting a seismic permit, and see where we go. The Global rep says that they are 3-6 months away from actually doing any work.



We have minerals North and west of Zavalla, and south of Huntington. We haven't been contacted yet for leasing but I have been told at some point we will.


Mike, I haven't seen anything showing that Goodrich is down by Zavalla.  Do you have any hard facts to back that up?
Does anyone have an idea of the extents or the outlines of this new seismic shoot?
Mike R., I'm trying to figure out how the Seismic crew is going to drill a 60-90 ft deep shoot hole with "walk only" access.  I watched a crew prepare for a shoot on 80 acres that I own and 1500 acres adjoining that I have a year round hunting/recreation lease on and there is no way they could have done the shoot on a "walk in" only basis.  Each crew consisted of two special purpose skidders.  One designed to drill the shoot holes and the other carried gravel to fill the holes with after the charge was set.  I was frankly surprised at how little damage the two skidders did to anything marketable. They mainly traveled through and knocked over hardwod scrub and followed existing logging roads and trails where possible. It was dry when they came on my property so they didn't rut it up at all. This is just my personal experience.  Keep in mind that in Angelina County, the Bossier/Haynesville is going to be both deeper and hotter than anywhere else they are drilling.  As a result, the wells are going to be much more expensive than elsewhere. Rather than $8-10 million, they will likely be in the $12-15 million range.  At that price tag per well, 3D seismic is going to be essential to get a well drilled.  I figure that, within reason, anything I can do to encourage the drilling of a well, I should do.  The new lease will be a zillion times more important to you than a few bucks per acre for a seismic shoot.  I was paid $25 per acre, as was everyone that I am familiar with.  That $2,000 check was dwarfed by the first royalty check.


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