S.W. HENDERSON HAY GU - Well # 1H (API # 005-30388);
Amendment Pending Approval;
Submitted: 12/27/2011;
ANGELINA County New Drill;

Angelina County Shalers,

Goodrich has filed an amended permit for this well. I’m unsure of the reasoning, but a comparison of the old and new plats definitely shows a new lateral location (not anywhere close to the original lateral position). The permit filing is very vague, so we’ll likely have to wait until additional information is filed.

Possibilities include a drill tracking problem that requires a permit update, possible well damage necessitating the need for a new lateral, or perhaps some new geology data that indicates a much more productive zone.

Note that the new lateral has a much more pronounced northwesterly direction and is shorter than the existing lateral. Also note that the vertical and surface location are the same.

Perhaps others can comment on this.



SW Henderson Hay GU #1 - New Plat Link

SW Henderson Hay GU #1 - Existing Plat Link


SW Henderson Hay GU #1 - New Permit Link

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saw the same thing and not sure exactly what to make of it.  There is some "complexity" at the edge of the sabine Uplift, so maybe its due to that.  

I haven't looked closely, but does it change the configuration of the unit substantially, in terms of which leases are in or out?

My understanding from a knowledgeable source is that the first lateral bore ran into an unexpected geological fault, and Goodrich then completed 3D seismic before reworking the well to go a different direction.

I have noticed in the last couple of weeks that they look to be preparing to drill on the second pad that was put in right on Hwy 103.  Looked on the map and looks like a permit was filed on 1/25/13 and approved 1/28/13.  I may be mistaken,  has anyone else observed the activity at the site?

I can't speak to the activity at the pad but that permit is not for a new well. It's to amend the ACLCO Unit and make it an Allocation unit with the S.W. Henderson Unit... effectively ~1834 acres pooled, if the problem letter is correct.  


I could be wrong but I think the difference in the plats is that one was the "proposed" well and the other is "as-drilled".  What caught my attention was that the proposed "first take point" was (just barely) on the ACLCO unit but on the as-drilled plat it is off-lease in the S.W. Henderson unit. That might be the reason for the "Allocation" unit. 

If it were an amendment to an existing well I would not think that it would require equipment on site to do so.  They have lights going all night long that I can see in my back yard and when I went fishing the other morning they had portable lights set up all around the perimeter.

Well I drove by this site and there was a rig being set up on the second pad that was put in when the first Henderson well was put in.  There has been alot of activity the last couple of weeks and looks like they are getting ready to drill the second site.  I will be able to hear the noise when they go to drilling,  so will keep you all updated.


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