Actually a Landman just approached us again in October for Haynesville in Angelina County Chandler Johnson A 19 that our family is trying to lease. Not sure who he works for. What Oil Company is currently re-engaging South Lufkin mineral owners???

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I found a site that mentions several types of plays, such as Eagle Ford and Eaglebine...

So, my question now is...

Is the Chandler Johnson A-19 survey over Haynesville Shale or some other formation(s)?

More info on Bigfoot Well #1

Bigfoot Well

My brothers and I inherited the C-Johnson A-19 Survey. However, we only found out about it when a land man called us out of the blue to inform us of a land grab on property owned by the late Mr. E.B. Mott, our grandfather. A petroleum company claimed with the court they could find no living relatives, so were going to just take it.

We were fortunate enough to make our own filings in time!

The million dollar question is, how do we find out if we have other mineral right surveys from Mr. Mott we don't know about?

I do know my grandmother, Mrs. Mott, once received royalty checks from an oil well in the Zavalla area... I think I recall seeing the M & M company name on a check sent to her but that name might be wrong. I believe the well was capped at some point in the 60s or 70s.

My brothers and I hope to uncover that and any other mineral rights should they still exist.

Assistance in pointing us in the right direction would really be appreciated.

The Bigfoot drilling permit has been approved!

Update on progress -

"Drilling ahead, day 49 @ 11,809' on 11-21-14. Permitted vertical to 20,000'."

Bigfoot #1 is Drilling Ahead at 13922 feet as of 12/12/14, 70 days drilling.

Great news!

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it looks like Goodrich Petroleum and EOG Resources both still leasing

What area? I have unleased minerals south of Huntington, SW of Zavalla and North of Zavalla.

Bigfoot #1 well is South of 1818, and SW of Zavalla.

Good luck on leasing your acres too!

I hadn't seen any updates so I called a landman we signed the contract with yesterday. He said he had heard last week that there was some sort of problem with the rig. I said I had heard it was moved. Since he isn't one of the people on site, he could not offer any more information. That's of course a little frustrating to hear. Hopefully someone here can get more details on what the problem is and when they will resume the project.


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