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My scout report has them reaching total depth and cementing pipe to bottom.


Thanks Jay,  always appreciate your input that keeps us up to date.  Noticed when I drove by site they were already preparing next drill site just south of this one.  But no permit on Sonris yet for that SU#76 unit. 

Good news on the Crowell 30 ? Reached TVD and preparing to drill lateral per Sonris report.  SN 251311.


The Crowell well reported 64 days Drilling Ahead last Friday, 12/14, on the weekly RigData rig report.  The rig has not been reporting depth on the weekly report.  Out of curiosity I checked the SONRIS well file.  Southwind reported the well at 15,026' on 12/2.  Nine days later, 12/11, Southwind reported the well at 15,396'.  370' in nine days, or about 41' per day.  This seems like a very low ROP.

Skip, it is possible that the time frame you were looking at (12/2 to 12/11) corresponded with the operator plugging back in the vertical hole and then kicking the well to start making curve to drill the lateral. Lots of tripping and non drilling time if this was the case.

Don't think so, Rock Man.  No mention of plug back. Both reports mentioned drilling the curve.


12/11/2018 05 12/11/18, DRILLING CURVE @ 15396'
12/04/2018 05 12/2/18, TESTED CAMERON BOP'S TO 250 PSI LOW & 10000 PSI HIGH FOR 30 MINS, TEST OK 12/4/18, DRILLING CURVE @ 15026'

Building on Skip's comment on my inquiry about plugging back et al - agree that this time period is all tied to drilling the curve and initially getting out from the vertical wellbore. Operator may be looking at a series of issues tied to formation pressure (and over pressure), kicks, wellbore control and long trip times tied to changing out bottom hole assemblies.

Keep in mind this well is just an eastern extension of Masters Creek.  Many of the wells there encountered SERIOUS presssure and well control issues.  Marathon can easily have their hands full if they don’t stay right on top of it.




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