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Thx Skip,  sonris has it at 14,915 MD going to 16,005 MD for deepest vertical listed on  well profile. Pretty quick depth in 29 days drilling would you say?

Hydro,  I just don't know.  Maybe Rock Man can give us an opinion. 

I see where sonris has a new entry for this well. 

12/18/2018. Plugback of current curve hole @ 65 deg, current depth 15,534 md/15,508 TVD Pick up a ezsv & rih to set at 14,647’ md inside intermediate casing. Sqz 250bbls 18.2 ppg cmt, 1.4 yield ft3/sk  class h, 10 bbls  of cmt will be placed on top of the ezsv  poo

Also on 12/19/2018 well status changes from 05 to 06. Measured depth says 15534 and under detail it says 12/19 waiting on orders, total depth 15,534md, 15,508 tvd

Gee, now all we need to for Rock Man or Jay to interpret all that!  LOL!  md is measured depth (the total length of the wellbore) and TVD is True Vertical Depth (self explanatory).  Not sure of ezsv.  rih is run in hole.  Sqz is squeeze which means 250 bbls of cement (cmt) was pumped.  Don't know about poo but suspect that it is pull out of hole.  This sounds as if there was a problem drilling the curve and the driller is starting over.

Setting this plug (ezsv) inside casing plus placing massive amounts of cement points to operator sealing off this hole at this point and at least temporarily abandoning the operation right now.

There had been rumors of operator encountering some very high formation pressure in this part of the hole - this situation may have been to extreme to safely drill ahead right now.

However, setting this ezsv plug and associated cement could be part of setting up a "kick off point" to drill hole in intermediate casing and start another new wellbore via sidetracking out of this hole.

Time will tell - there is a lot we DON'T know about what is happening out there and I doubt if more details will be forthcoming on SONRIS to clear the fog and answer all of your questions.

Yep, they are having a tough time getting kicked off for the HZ section.  Then the fun really starts.  


Well is not “Temp” P & A.  Whatever that means.


Making hole in the vertical section is usually not the issue. It is when they get in zone in high pressure Austin Chalk where they have problems. Then they get to plug back and go HZ in it.

Thx guys, appreciate all the input

hey guys, any news on the Crowell issue of fighting stuck pipe?  SN 251311

Nothing but rig signs are still up as of today.



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