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It should take about 4 months.  It took our section over 10 months.  It may have taken longer if several of us didn't begin pestering Petrohawk daily.
I called Petrohawk about the well in my unit and spoke with Rachel Costelic.  That was on April 18th 2011.  She said they were still checking  out everyones legal title and such.  I have heard nothing since.  If I call again is there something more specific I should ask?  The well went into production in Oct 2010 and I have heard nothing from Petrohawk. Ms Costelic (not sure of the spelling) said i was not on the list of those whose titles have been verified.  If I have a lease with them why do they have to verify the title again?  How long does it take and is there a point where I should become concerned that i was missed or something is wrong?

A lease does not necessarily reflect record title.  It happens all the time where a company will go out and lease an owner and then the Division Order Title Opinion (DOTO) shows that they don't own any minerals.  DOTO's are very expensive to have prepared and the majority of companies do not have these prepared prior to a well actually producing.  The fact that your well started producing in October is the primary factor, it has now been 8 months, draw up a demand letter and send it to them with a return receipt request.  I tell this to my owners as well, we are all at the mercy of the land department, but the land department doesn't have to explain that to the mineral owners. 

DO Analyst,

Thank you! I had called again on June 6th and spoke with Ms Costelic(sp) at Petrohawk.  She still had no info except that the unit is 565.181 acres instead of 640-had a legal hearing about a year ago that i got a letter about. She gave me the landman's phone number.  I called him and he was very nice but did not have any info either. I will not follow the advice you and Skip have provided and try the demand letter.  Is there a sample of the format on GHS that you know of I can use?

The DNR shows the last production posted as of March 2011 so I was hoping they will update that soon also. 

I have updated my will with regards to the gas lease since at times I fear that as  s   l   o   w  l   y as this is going it may continue to inch along but my daughters will have to deal with it!  Funny only if you like irony.

Thanks again


My fingers were supposed to type, "I will now follow the advice..."

I will have a talk with them


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