If a well is drilled in a section of land I leased out, is it attached to my lease?

In May a couple of wells were drilled by PetroHawk matching 2 of my mineral interests locations. No communication from PetroHawk. Do to the change of hands at PetroHawk, my normal contact is unavailable.   Any help with this would be appreciated.


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If they include your minerals tract  in the unit then yes



Thanks for your reply, the well location matches the Section,  Township and  Range of my mineral interests, is that what you mean by "tract" or is there something I am missing? 

Do you own all the minerals in that section, township and range? IF not your partial of the tract your minerals are in must be in the plat of the unit to be included in the well. Recommend call the landsman who you lease with and ask if he know if you are in unit. If he is unavailable call HK's office and talk with royalty department. They will need to know well ID and legal description of your minerals and lease info.

If you are trying to contact the land department in Shreveport you will probably have better luck getting information from the Tulsa office.  If you will let me know what S-T-R you are in, I can direct you on who to contact.

Mr Wizard,


Thanks for joining in Here is the information I have


My Mineral interests are here

Township 16 North, Range 10 West Sections 17, 18 & 20  (only part of the sections)

Wells information

243159 HA RA SUWW;COTSWOLD 17-16-10 H 3608 


243110 HA RA SUWW;COTSWOLD 20-16-10 H 3608


Any clarification of the information or contact information you can provide would be much appreciated.





Looks like you are talking about the Cotswold 17-16-10H 1 and the Cotswold 20-16-10H 1.  According to SONRIS, both of these wells are still being drilled.  Our records indicate that Chesapeake is the operator of these wells, but as of this point, it appears they are still in the drilling phase.

My lease is with Petro Hawk? and I found the well information under Petro Hawk wells via SONRIS.... confused.


If CHK is operator of well then they maybe JV with HK
Cliff, typically, you will receive payment from Petrohawk on these wells once CHK has completed them and begun to pay on them.  The fact that CHK has drilled two wells that close together at the same time means they think they have something really good.  This should be good news for you, keep an eye on SONRIS, once the wells reach production, you should expect to hear something within a couple of months

Cliff:  In most sections, the company with the most lease rights (aka working interest) is named the operator by the Office of Conservation and drills the wells, so you could lease to one company and have a different company with more leasehold in the section drilling the well. 


You can also have one company operating shallow rights in a section, and a different company operating wells drilled to deeper (such as Haynesville) objectives.  This usually occurs when Pugh Clauses in existing leases cause the termination of lease rights below certain depths, and different companies come in and take new leases covering those deep depths.


Another circumstance in which this could happen is having a subsidiary or an operating company drilling a well on behalf of the working interest owner.  As an example, WSF, Inc. is the majority working interest owner in many wells drilled by Petrohawk.  Petrohawk purchased WSF a number of years ago, and still maintains them as a subsidiary company.  Also, J-W Operating drills wells on behalf of working interest owner J-W Energy.

Hobbs, Very informative.  Thank you.


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