Sorry, I know this was recently asked, but I can't pull up the answer on my computer.


My well "turned to sales" on 1/13/11.  How long do you think it will be before I reveive my division order?



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Petrohawk, coujld be 6 Monthes, suggest Demand letter , should be 60 days from sale date
It should take about 4 months.  It took our section over 10 months.  It may have taken longer if several of us didn't begin pestering Petrohawk daily.
Thanks for replying! Received estimated division order a week ago and immediately sent it back signed. My sister called and found out that checks are cut on 15th of the month. So expecting a check next week. Is that too much to expect? Love being in this group with you guys. I have a feeling you will help me out a lot!
In fact, the checks issued today via mail.  After inquiring about direct deposit, Petrohawk directed me to their website to pull up the app for same.
What number did you call? 
918 488-8283.  Once you identify your property, they will forward the call to an analyst.

Thank you for the number.  Just FYI for anyone else in this group with interest in this section.


I called and spoke with Rachel Costelic who told me that for section 7 T16N and R13W they are in the process of checking title and it could be 2-3 more months before the division order is started. I asked what needed to be checked if we had already gotten our bonus checks and had cashed them and she said they have to do this to do the division order in case anything has changed. I was concerned that my name was not listed on her "page" for the leasees and she said not to worry that it just means they have not gotten to me on the checking title list yet.

 I also asked about a letter I and most everyone, received Mar 2010 from Cook Yancey et el to the State asking for the size of the unit to be 526 acres an not 640.  She was unable to answer my question but took my cell number and said she would call when she found out.  I promised to call back in a month if I had not heard from her.

I asked if emails were okay to communicate with them since I had sent two since MArch 20 2011 and had not had a response.  She said they have so many wells going in that it is hard to keep up. She was pleasant but rushed, which I suppose is to be expected.


I hope this info helps someone else and if anyone hears anything please post it here too!


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