Does any body know the unit name this parcel is located, and what is going on...

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24-11-12 has been unitized by Chesapeake.  This is the La Min 24-11-12 well, sonris #242590.  A permit was filed on 12/30/2010.  Expect drilling to begin this  year.


25-11-12 has been unitized by SWEPI.  This is the San Patricio 25 well, sonris #242443.  Drilling began on 1/3/2011.


You are in a very good area.  SWEPI drilled a great well in 30-11-11 (17 mmcf/day) and Chesapeake drilled great wells in 1,2, and 3 of 10-12 (all between 16 and 18 mmcf/day).



Sec 30 T11n R12W 23Million 24/64, choked to 15/64 13 Millin, starting Dec 23

Sec 29 T11N R 12W 24 Million 24/64, choked not determined starting April 12

Sec 16 T11N R 12W 22 Million 24/64, choked not determined starting April 12
does anyone have the current status of this area...


According to sonris, the well in 24-11-12  was spud on Feb. 10, and reached total depth on March 28. 

EnCana is the operator in section 25.  The well was spud on Jan. 3 and reached total depth on Feb. 3. 

There are no further updates on sonris.  You are in an area that has produced some very good wells. 


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