Anything new in this section? I haven't heard anything in a while.



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Section 24 is the Petro-Hunt et al all, it has not started Drilling yet.  Section 23 is the Black Stone Minerals 23H #1.  It appears that it started producing in March of this year.  It appears that title opinions are still pending for the section. 


Hope this answers your questions

Thanks! Can you tell me what is meant by title opinions pending? Are they trying to figure out who should receive royalties?


Thank you.

Yes, while it may not have any relevance on your specific piece of property, title opinions are usually presented for the entire unit.  Your interest may be just fine.  Your best option is to write a demand letter to the operator.  I am sure there are plenty of formats for that letter on this website.  This will force them to pay your or explain why they can not pay you (i.e. title issues) which will let you assist in curing those title issues and get your royalties.

Warden, my name is Glynda. Did you get a response when you wrote a demand letter?


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