They have started clearing land in sections 10/12, T 15N, R 10W, on Hwy 154, in the Alabama Bend field. The man clearing said they were working for Questar, but he did not know anything about Section 11, he said PetroChem still had it. Does anyone else have any info?

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The guy running the crew said they were clearing in 10 and 12 and the going down to Springhill Church Rd and Hwy 4 where they clear cut. He said Questar was taking over from Will Drill
There is a sight marked behind the Rocky Mt cemetery, I don't know if it is in Sec 2 or Sec 11
Maybe cause they gotta deal with you!!!
That was really a joke.
Petro Chem has not done anything for us in Section 11. They got the lease dirt cheap 4-5 years ago, They drilled a well, Blackstone 1, that produces about 1.3 million a MONTH. Our check is now every 2-3 months, $50. I have emailed Larry Hock numerous time and it takes weeks for me to get a reply, sometimes I don't. I don't know why they don't want to make money.
Bad news for us in Sec 11, my neighbor talked to Questar people today about them going across his property to go to a well site, He asked them when they were going to drill in Section 11, they told hin in 2010 MAYBE. Hope you guys know something different to cheer me up
If they go horizonal from one section under another one, who gets royality payments, that is, the rig itself is in one section but they go under another section.
Jere, the well would be perforated in only the section where the lateral is located and the mineral owners in that section would receive the royalty payments.
The unit that the horizontal portion of the bore is under get the royalties.
I see that you 2 are very knowledgeable about what is going on here, by any chance will they be going directional into Sec 11. It looks like all 3 sites (Sec 2,10,12) are on the Sec lines with Sec 11.
I don't know how much money they want, they only paid $50-75 an acre when they leased.
Can gas be sucked from an ajoining section that is not in the drilling sedction? If so, what can be done about it?
No, it will not be sucked from under another section. And there is nothing you can do, because it is not going to be a situation.


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