They have started clearing land in sections 10/12, T 15N, R 10W, on Hwy 154, in the Alabama Bend field. The man clearing said they were working for Questar, but he did not know anything about Section 11, he said PetroChem still had it. Does anyone else have any info?

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Has the deal between Petrochem and Questar go through for Sec 11-15N 10W
Any word about a deal between Petro Chem and Questar concerning S 11, T 15N R 10W? Something unusual happened, I got a check from Petro Chem for production in Jun for $21.00. In the past I didn't get checks for 3 months if the payment was as low as this one. Is something going on?
Jere, from what I understand, Will Drill has farmed out their leases to Questar. If your lease is with Petro Chem it will probably be taken over by Questar. I have a lease with Petro Chem and the royalty is paid by Will Drill. This is on a CV well.
They have cleared a right of way for a pipeline from well in Sec 10 to Well in Sec 2 and to well in Sec 12. My neighbor was told by one of the Questar men that there was going to be a well in Sec 11 T15N R10W along this same right of way. Do any of you know about wells in this section and when they might be drilled



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