My sister and I have a partnership on 300 acres just west and south of Gibsland.  I'm not sure of the map location but it is about 5 minutes outside of town.  I was wondering if there has been any activity in this area, either leasing or drilling?

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RE: T18N, R7W

From what I have been reading, most people believe that this area is too far East (and MAYBE north) for Haynesville Shale Development.

Good Luck
Wow Ron, I don't want to be called a naysayer, but what makes you think it goes to Ruston?
Don't get me wrong, I hope it does, I have mineral interest in that area. But I have seen no credible evidence that the shale goes that far east.
there was considerable seismic being done in my area last year but I have heard nothing re results -- has anyone?



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