I just saw a new location off the isrealite road at intersection of hall street! Hope they get to drilling soon, and hope they get gas offa sec. 7. The location is on the East side of sec. 7, rite in the middle of the section between north and south ends, but on the East side! Drill baby Drill! It says it is a pad for 2 wells! Anybody heard more than i just wrote......add to it!

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found out a little more;  will drill one well into sec. 7 and another well into sec. 8. 
All right, went by there yesterday, and they had two small drills , i guess you call it spudding in, one for each well and not very far apart; guess they do intend to drill soon!  The site is actually about 300 yards north of the intersection of isrealite road and hall street, off isrealite road, just before it takes a sharp bend to the west, that makes it in the North-east corner of sec. 7, and the North-west corner of sec. 8.

Nat, I have attached a map that shows the pad location.


Questar, Sanders 7 #H1 Well, Serial #243364, S8(7)-T15N-R9W
Questar, Sanders 8 #H1 Well, Serial #243363, S8-T15N-R9W

Thank you Les B    Looks like some money for mom and dad with 20 in sec. 7!  Looks like they might pool 7 and 8 but that is speculation on my part.  Looks from the map like 2 laterals going north and northwest out of 8 , but according to the well # 8 is gonna stay in 8, so confuesed on that.  Looks like the one going to 7 is one lateral goiing s/sw and one staying in 8, due south.  Not sure at this point.  Thanks alot for sure!
Nat, the laterals shown on the map are each a separate well.  Serial # 243364 is planned to be drilled into and produce from Section 7. 
All Right, moving stuff in on the pad!  yesterday, 8/28/11, brought in drilling pipe and stands, 2 large generators, two outhouses, 1 craine, 1 forklift!  Today, trucks and trucks of equiptment came in.  Drill Baby Drill!
All right!  They have the rig up now, should be drilling tonight or tomorrow, drill baby drill!  Go Questar!  They are drilling 2 wells , one in sec. 7 and one in sec. 8  15N R9w  ha

Both well have been drilled and the rig has moved out.  Not fracked yet, but heard they were good wells.  May get checks in July, so i unofficially heard. Rig was taken down about the 14th. Thanks folks!

they are now fracking the two wells now; other than that, the Bienville Parish group seems pertty dead rite now, check in here and there and nothing happening~   Hope it picks up.  Happy new year group!


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