Anyone familiar with Bodcaw Phase IV 3D Project? I am in T17N, R7W, Sec. 30 and have been contacted about seismic work.

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Thanks for the info Caliente. I have two sections of land: 16N, 6W, Sect. 7 and 16N, 6W, Sect 8. Is there any activity taking place in these sections?.
I'm hearing from a reliable source they're planning on doing seismic work as far east as Arcadia. I don't know the name of the company and I'm not privy as to what formation they're looking for but one would have to speculate that they're looking to extend the Shale further east. I'll try to find out more specifics and post them here. Can anyone else confirm this?
I just received a permit from SEI for the 3D project (permit #2404C). I have 60 acres (along with other family members) in S15-16N-7W in Bienville parish. The permit is between me and SEI; but the company name on the return envelope is Cougar Land Services, even though the street address is the same for both SEI and Cougar. Would Cougar be a "third-party" company that handles administration, permits, etc. for SEI? Also, since the permit is for an 18-month duration, does anyone see any potential conflicts if a company did offer a lease for that property in the future?

SEI is a spec. company. A spec. shoot will have a number of under-writers whom will pay for a license for the specific areas they want. The rest, the spec. company will try to sell to any interested party. Seismic is beneficial and will not deter a company from leasing you or void a current lease. This may be a part of the Elm Grove seismic shoot, as it was expanded and is now close to 500 square miles. Will Global Geophysical be conducting the recording operations?

15 16N 7W and 30 17N 7W are not part of the Global survey.
I didn't think it was, but I wasn't for sure. When I was in Houston they said they had expanded it but I didn't pay much attention to the program map. I was unaware that SEI was doing anything in the area.
Does anyone have any update on this section or the seismic exploration that took place a year and a half ago? Yesterday I received notice of a preapplication hearing from El paso regarding a Huckaby 4 No. 1 well in the Bear Creek Field area.  Any information would be greatly appreciated, since I live out of state.


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