I have a few of updates for some wells.  The first update is for W & W Farms 33-15-9- H, Serial#240486.  They fraced this well around August 2nd or 3rd.  Right now they are running pipe to the wellsite to tie it into the pipeline.  The second update I have is for B'ville SG 26-15-9 H, Serial#240595 and B'ville SG 35-15-9 H, Serial#240593.  These wells were fraced back in June, around the 15th.  I may be off a few days.  A fleet of Halliburton trucks were coming out of the site.  A few weeks ago, we caught up with a worker who confirmed that fracing was complete and the wells were flowing into the pipeline.  I believe he was finishing up tying in the wells to the pipeline.  The last update I have is for Kennedy 6-15-8 H, Serial#241453 and Kennedy 1-15-9 H, Serial#241438.  They have finally started clearing the wellsite.  Nice to see some progress in our area.    

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Any news on 241109 Murphy 1 ???
I'm sorry no I don't have an update on this well. I checked it on Sonris Lite and all they have listed is the marker locations on 3-31-10. If I get a chance this week, I'll try to swing by there and see if I can see anything. Is the site visible from the road?
Taz, I have an update for you. On Friday I managed to go by the site for this well, RG Murphy 1H, Serial#241109. There were some workers exiting the site so I asked them about it. They told me that they had just finished up the site, putting gravel on it. They are ready for the rig to move in. They did not know when that was going to happen, but the site is ready. It should not be too long. Good luck with this well.
Thanks so much for checking on this!!!
I have a some new updates. They have finally started fracing the Cottingham Etux 24H well, Serial#241133. Last week they were tying in the well to the pipeline with an 8 in. line. They also started bringing in the water trucks. According to the workers, they will start fracing in a couple of weeks or so, by the beginning of Nov. The site for these two wells, Kennedy 6-15-8 H, Serial#241453 and Kennedy 1-15-9 H, Serial #241438, has been completed. They have already set in place the holes (spud holes?) that they will be drilling the wells from. It did not take them long.
Any update on well 241924 section 3 16N-9W frac etc. Well 241437 sec 24 17N-9W loc build etc. and well 242107 in sec 1 16N-9W loc build etc.
Sorry but at this moment I do not have any updates on these wells. I will check them out on Sonris. At least that will give me the latitude and longitude location of the wells. I will let you know if I find out anything.

I do have any update for the Well Serial#242107. This is a repermit for this well because the old one expired - Serial#241109. They had already built the site back in the middle of September. Note the reply above.

Is there any new information on Well Serial # 242107.

I live in Texas, have limited visability unless driving over and taking a look. Any infomation would be appreciated. 

I have been out of pocket the last few weeks and just found your reply.  As soon as I can I will try to get an update for you, but it may take a couple of weeks.
Well Serial #241437 is in Webster Parish, east of Heflin. Well Serial#241924 has a discussion of its' own in the Bienville Parish Group. The last update was by MrPunkin that the well was completed but the info had not been posted to Sonris. Hope this helps.
I'm sure the frac pond has been started for Serial#241453 & 241438.  Also, the pipeline row has been purchased.  Weather permitting, it shouldn't be long until they're completed.


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