We have property in extreme NE Bossier Parish, TS23, that borders Lafayette county and we are getting some lease offers.  This property was continually leased for many years but the past 2 or 3 years it has went unleased. Samson Contour has made the latest offer but I don't know a lot about this company.  The land man says they want to drill for natural gas in the Cotton Valley.  I would love to get some input and some comments and advice from all the folks on here that are much more knowledgeable than I am.  The lease from Samson seems to be the best offer and sounds about right for this area which is unproven aside from some Pettit oil producers in the area.  Kieth, Skip, Aubrey, Ted, anyone else jump on in there and give me some help.  Thanks

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Remember Mr. Aubrey's comments a week or so ago? He is right!

I remember the company name but feel sure you will be hearing from those who do not.  Actually the more important question is the target horizon.

Skip, main target is BD but they will produce anything that is feasible!

Thanks.  I remain sceptical regarding the BD.  I would not be surprised to see a pilot hole or two and possibly a completion attempt by your unnamed operator in the L SMK but I think the focus is on shallower formations prospective for liquids.  Attempts at commercial BD completions now span three years.  SWN's assessment of success was initially 20% and after a year of steady exploration they now rate the chance at 40%.  I'd be happy for SWN to make a play of the BD as it would be good for my business however from what I see I'm not encouraged.

I am concerned that mineral owners focused on the BD are accepting lease offers with split royalties.  Since the Haynesville Shale put mineral values on the radar of mineral owners across a wide area lessees have been using a tactic I call the "pump fake".  They offer a quarter royalty in the Haynesville or in this case the BD and a lesser royalty in the shallower formations.  The true target is the shallower zones.  

Got a straight 1\5 on everything.

skip, do you have an email address where i can mail you?

My direct email is on my personal GHS page.  You must be a "friend" to access it.  Site rules prohibit email addresses from being posted in discussion threads.

Skip, this weekend I received the pre-application notice from SM Energy. Two locations; section 13T23NR13W and 18T23NR12W. Pettit Res. A, Arkana field. 6175' and 6415'.Horizontal. Looking at 18T first. Dave


Big Dave, thanks for confirming SM Energy as the operator and the Pettit RA as the target of the JB Land leasing activity.  If you can scan and upload the pre-conference notice and plat I'd appreciate it.  I'm sure others would also.  Good Luck to SM Energy.

I'll have one of my girls in the office give it a go. What do you know of SME?

SM Energy, headquartered in Denver, is the successor corporation of Saint Mary Land Corp. out of St. Mary Parish, LA.  The original company was started by the Leach Family, owners of large land blocks in that portion of S LA.  SM Energy is not on the level of say EnCana or Devon but they do have experience drilling horizontal wells.  For example they drilled some Haynesville horizontals in E TX during the early years of that play.  As to opinions on dealing with them as a mineral owner, I have no experience.  I'll see if some of the members of the E TX groups who are leased to or have followed SM will offer some opinions. 


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Big Dave, and other interested members, now that we know the operator and target horizon, I am starting a new discussion here in the Bossier Parish Group.  Dave, If you can, please have the girls upload the pre-conference unit application notice letter to the new discussion.


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