Just received a pre-application notice on behalf of Milestone Energy, L.L.C., for a Public Hearing to consider some horizontal drilling to the Pettit/Pettet zone.  This is in the Carterville Field and the unit will consist of all of section 6, t-23, R-11. Does anyone have any info on this energy company?  Sounds promising to me since I have property just a short distance east in section 5.  Any feedback will be appreciated.  I can scan the two documents and attach later if anyone is interested.

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Milestone Energy, L.L.C. is not listed in the state database as an operator.  It is likely that the company has filed the requisite paperwork and will be assigned an operator code by the time this application would reach the Commissioner's public hearing schedule.  The company is registered with the LA Secretary of State.  Dan if you could scan the application that would be helpful.  No need to do so for the notice letter.  Anyone who is included on the Interested Party list may request the local meeting.  If no one does the application will be included on the Commissioner's schedule at the end of the required notice period.

Name Type City Status
MILESTONE ENERGY, L.L.C. Limited Liability Company SHREVEPORT Active

Previous Names
Charter Number: 35135601K
Registration Date: 8/31/2001
Domicile Address
  333 TEXAS ST., STE. 516
Mailing Address
  333 TEXAS ST., STE. 516
Status: Active
Annual Report Status: In Good Standing
File Date: 8/31/2001
Last Report Filed: 8/7/2013
Type: Limited Liability Company
Registered Agent(s)
Address 1: 333 TEXAS ST., STE. 516
City, State, Zip: SHREVEPORT, LA 71101
Appointment Date: 8/31/2001

Officer(s) Additional Officers: No 
Title: Manager
Address 1: 333 TEXAS ST., STE. 516
City, State, Zip: SHREVEPORT, LA 71101

Skip,  Thanks for the reply and the information on Milestone Energy.  I didn't get a copy of the actual application.  I received a 2 page letter of notice and a unit plat showing the proposed unit. Property owners in section 6 may have gotten more than I did.  Because our property is in section 5, adjacent to the unit, I may be considered an interested party and therefore didn't get the whole packet.  I will scan what I have if you or anyone else are interested.  Thanks again,  Dan

Dan, the Interested Party list by regulation will include all mineral interests of record within the boundaries of the proposed unit and those immediately adjacent to a distance of 1000'.

Thanks Skip.  Looking at the dimensions of a section, I would guess that our property line is more than 1000 ft. from the unit boundary. That has me wondering why we even got the letter.  I really don't see any reason for us to attend the meeting but we may decide to go just to learn something.  I am retired now so it's not like I don't have the time.  I thought that maybe some of the property owners in section 6 might be members of GHS and could post something about the plans for the unit.  The letter that I have has lots of info on it and the plat has the owners names on it so I don't know if it would be proper to scan it and post the plat but I could post the letter with all the info if anyone is interested.  Thanks again,  Dan

The plat containing the land owner names is from the public records so there are no secrets there.  Interested Party lists though largely accurate always contain some dated information and mistakes.  Unless someone on the list requests the local meeting there will be none.

Skip, here is the documents that I received.  Do you think that it would be prudent for me to request a meeting and attend?  I don't see how any production from the Pettit zone, even horizontal, could affect my minerals since I am more than 1000 ft. away from the unit. What do you think?


Dan, there is nothing about the application that concerns me.  There has been a good bit of interest in the Pettit Zone as an oil or liquids target over the last two years or so in N LA.  Although there are good geological reasons to explore the Pettit using horizontal wells there have been no real success stories so far.  It is encouraging that multiple companies continue to spend their exploration dollars on the Pettit.  We should all wish Milestone luck.


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