In order to help a NW LA mineral owner who has been denied the opportunity to fully benefit from their Haynesville Shale acreage, I am asking the members for their assistance.  I need to document lease bonuses greater than $10,000 per acre paid in 2008 between May and September.  Documentation may take the form of a check stub, bank draft, cover letter, letter agreement, email or correspondence on the letterhead of the company that offered the lease.  Documentation of royalty greater than 25% would be very helpful also.

Those wishing to remain anonymous may do so and all personal information can be redacted.  For those that are willing to make their personal information available to assist in supporting the value of the minerals in question, an executed affidavit is all that is needed.  It’s not often that an opportunity comes along to help fellow members get what they rightly deserve.  So many who were taken advantage of may never get that chance.

I keep my personal page set as “private” so only those who are my “friends” may access it. If you are not already one of my 762 "friends" and would like to help, send me a friend request.  I do not “approve” comments on my personal page so even my “friends” with access to my page can not view them.  You will find my off-site email address on my page and you can choose to email me or communicate with me by leaving a comment on my personal page.  I promise to protect the identity of those who may choose to help.  Your assistance in this matter would be greatly appreciated. 


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