Mineral owners are receiving pre-conference notice letters for SM Energy unit applications in Section 13 of 23N - 13W and Section 18 of 23N - 12W.  The unitized horizon is the Pettit Reservoir A and it appears that SME will be drilling horizontal wells targeting liquids rich gas, condensate and oil.  The leases for this prospect were taken for SME by JB Land.Services, LLC and Merit Energy Services, LLC.  The area generally covered by this lease block is the eastern two thirds of 23N - 14W to the western one third of 23N - 11W and appear at this time to include the northern half of 22N -13W through 22N - 11W.


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Are both Sections in 13W?  Earlier post had 18 in 12W.  Appreciate you starting new discussion and all the valuable info you (and others) provide.


You are correct, Don.  Thanks for bringing it to my attention. 


Here it is.



Thanks, Dave.  There should be one or two additional pages which are the unit plats.  At your convenience could you upload the plats also?

Skip, we're trying. Should come along in a bit.

One more thing.



Thanks for providing the unit application data, Dave. 


How long can we expect the pre-application process to take and when could we expect to see a rig out there.  We our in section 13 and had heard that they would be doing something toward the end of the 4th quarter.  We also received our letter over the weekend.  Hoping they find a lot of black gold down there soon.



Joe, I was told this morning that the first would be in 18; early to mid november. Dave

Joe, If someone receiving the notice letter requests a local meeting it would be held on Nov. 1 at 10:30.  If no one requests a local meeting the notice period expires on Oct. 21.  Then the unit application would go to the Commissioner's Public Hearing schedule for final review.  The most current applications on the schedule are listed for November 15.  So sometime after that depending on the remaining hearing dates for 2012 and how they are impacted by the holidays.  However SME does not have to wait for a unit hearing.  They can permit and start drilling a well now.  It would be permitted as a lease well as opposed to a unit well.  Before the well would be completed and after the unit application approval they would re-permit the well as the unit well for one of the units.  So how long is a few days to a few months depending on SME.  It is rare but there are instances where a unit is formed and no well is ever drilled.  The unitization process does not contain a requirement to drill a well on any specific time table.

What are the proposed unit sizes?     

Down SE of the Mansfield area, I believe that original Pettit (SLIGO) unitizations were 320 acres.   

One O&G Company (Long Petroleum) started to try to reunitize part of this field into 1920 acre units but backed off when it met some resistance.  That was in June of 2009:   SLIGO RB SUA (RB=Reservoir B), followed by SLIGO RB SUB and SLIGO RB SUC

J B, these are 640 acre drilling units based on individual sections.


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