Freestone County

The Best SWD Well No.3 is located 7.9 miles northeast of Donie in the Dew Field. XTO Energy Inc. has completed this well to a depth of 5,825-feet. No test data was recorded. Production is in the Rodessa formation.


****** Leon County

When gauged on a 15/64-inch choke, the Gail King Well No.31H potentialed 7.972 million cubic feet of gas. XTO Energy Inc. has completed this well to a depth of 18,355-feet 6.3 miles northwest of Jewett in the Bear Grass Field. Production is in the Cotton Valley Consolidated formation.



Smith County

The L.A. Butler Well No.4 is located 12 miles east of Tyler in the Chapel Hill Field. Thomas Operating Ltd. Co. has completed this well to a depth of 8,700-feet. This well flowed with 52 barrels of crude, no choke size recorded. Production is in the Travis Peak formation.





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Mr Gaar,
Thank you for the info sir. Could you maybe help me in the location of my 19/34 acres located in Leon County Texas. I keep up with all the info I can gather. Please tell me how I can find out how close or what ever news you may have. Thank You Philip Hollman a fellow Shaler
Hey Phillip.

How much information to you already have?

- Survey Name?
- Survey Number?
- Physical Address or cross streets?
Hi and thank you Mr Gaar, I did lease my land thirty years ago Nothing really came of it .I do know that there is two capped wells on my land.
This is the property discription
Jur- 60 01 31 00
Parcel # 0612658
Cat: D2 19.750 Acres
OWN# R 408453
This all the info I have from the Tax Office plus the original Deed etc. Thank You again Phil
Hey Philip,

Did you ever find locate this property in Leon Co. that you were looking for?

No Sir and thank you for the info I just pay the Taxes I reckon if their is something on there they will contact me or siblings again Thank You Sir
Hey Phil,

Go ahead use this link to get to the TX Railroad Commission's GIS Map page:


When that window opens click on the "Survey/Abstract" button in the search field....

On the new page that opens use the scroll arrow on the "County" field to select "Leon"...

Also on that page enter "656" in that "Abstract-A" field and hit "Search"...

Once the survey name and info come up you then click the "Map" button.

That will then open up your survey/abstract in Leon County in the original GIS Map window.

You can then zoom out (use the 3x button) and it will give you the location of where your survey is located in the County.

If you zoom out further you can also see where any other wells are at in your area.
Mr Gaar, Thank you for your time to explain to me how to look up my land The site is good, Thanks again I am going to find out all I can about The property, I only been paying taxes for 100 years would be nice to make 0.50 cents or so { he he} again Sir Thank you very much your friend from Florida Phil
Yes, that Railroad Commission site is very useful. Take some time to poke around there and you can also run searches to look up production totals for individual wells by searching the production queries and submitting the well API numbers or you can run searches by all production in the County, etc.

Well worth the time to figure our that site as there is a lot of information there that will allow you to keep up on what historically has been produced in your particular area, and also if their is any new well permit activity, etc....


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