New at this. Received 5 properties in Freestone County from my grandmother after her death. We did not know of any mineral rights that she had and we got a letter out of the blue from some Attorney in Oklahoma wanting to buy our mineral rights. We did not know of any mineral rights. Anyway, nobody in the family cashed their checks. Turns out that XTO Energy has been extracting natural gas from our pool since the early 1990's.
I have the printouts from the Freestone Central Appraisal District, and nowhere does it mention the amount of acreage of mineral rights that each property contains. I have the production info from the Railroad Commission, and they have extracted more than 5,000,000 mcf since 1993. I called the Freestone CAD and they gave me a multiple of .001445 on 1 property. How do I use that to estimate the royalty check we should be getting. These well are all on the Roper Gas Unit on tracts in the AB 420 T middleton survey and the AB 130 D C Cannon survey as well as the AB George Brewer survey.
XTO has 11 wells that we are part of and we have no idea of what to expect for Royalties. My grandmother died about 20 years ago, and as I wrote earlier, we had no idea of any mineral rights she had. We are working with an attorney presently to get the will probated and we will proceed from there.
It's ridiculous that XTO was unable to locate the heirs, but some Attorney wanting to up our Rights was able to locate us easily.
Thanks in advance.

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